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The Silent Hunter



Akita is a loyal and courageous breed that is affectionate and protective with family. They pose a serious threat to intruders and may instinctively attack any unwelcome animals that enter their kingdom. They have an insatiable prey drive and can easily track, capture and kill nearly anything from a fly to a cow.


Originally bred to hunt, guard and fight this breed is over three hundred years old and has been crowned such titles as Silent Hunter and the Scentless Dog. In Japan reside many glorious statues in honor of this majestically captivating dog. For many the Akita remains a sacred symbol of strength and good health. Their owners are believed to be blessed with long lives and possess divine protection.


The Akita is intelligent, affectionate, comical and one of the few breeds having little, to no body odor. Though highly trainable, this is not a submissive, obey your every command kind of breed. If you’re looking for a “go fetch” dog that loves animals and strangers, you’re way off track. An Akita’s love and obedience should be earned not demanded or bribed. Once you love and understand the Akita, no other breed will do.


We’ve been quite successful producing beautiful, healthy good-natured Akita pups and equally as fortunate finding safe suitable homes and masters worthy of such a breed. We offer Akita pups primarily as pets with limited registration, but never to first time dog owners. We also offer unrestricted AKC registration to approved buyers. Please contact us to request a show contract, or complete our simple puppy application to apply for a standard pet adoption.


This breed requires a firm experienced master, lots of socializing and complete removal of the under coat twice per year. This requires several hours of raking (combing) and a dog that’s conditioned to hold still in order to perform this unavoidable biannual duty. Only those found willing and capable of providing adequate care and training should be entrusted with an Akita. Please refer to the AKC for official breed standards and research this breed thoroughly before considering adopting an Akita.




Origin: Japan

Group: Northern Breed

Height: 24 to 28 inches

Weight: 70 to 130 pounds

Activity Level: Moderate




Selecting the appropriate breed is often more important than choosing which puppy. It’s always best to refer to the AKC to obtain a general idea of the breeds structure, temperament and care requirements before selecting your breed. We also have some very reliable “pick of the litter” methods on our shopping tips page.


Secondly, you should try to speak with someone that actually owns the breed as a pet, rather than just the folks trying to sell you one. Also keep in mind, how they were initially cared for and later trained greatly determines how they look and behave now.


MODOG breed descriptions are based solely on our personal interpretation of, and experience with, these particular breeds. These are not official standards and may or may not accurately reflect the general characteristics of each breed.

























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