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I bought my sweet, little Hazel from Mo Dog Kennels six years ago and could not be happier with my Shih Poo. A visit to my local veterinarian after her arrival revealed that she was in excellent health and her shot record was exactly as it should have been when I got her.


She was well-adjusted to people and other animals, which was indicated by visits from neighborhood children and dogs. Although it took several days of vigilance, she learned to use her training pad rapidly.


I have had the good fortune of visiting Mo Dog Kennels personally and I can assure anyone that it is one of the cleanest, most tranquil facilities I have been in. The customer service is superb and the advice I have received from Robert over the phone has been exactly on target.


Barbara King

Kansas City, Mo







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"Working with Robert was a wonderful experience and life made simple. You can tell he cares deeply for all of his dogs and does a phenomenal job of bringing dog and owner together. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a wonderful companion.


Saki is a total joy and my right hand. She is a beautiful dog that wins everyone's heart's over. Her temperament and personality is amazing and out of the 3 Akita I have owned she is quickest to learn and the most social. Thank you Robert for bringing me such a wonderful friend!


I did keep her name as Saki. Was thinking of changing it to Takara but, her personality fits very much with Saki. Plus it is my favorite drink. :) She is laying at my feet playing with toys as I am working and sending this email. Her personality is amazing. We have been a part a total of 2 hours since she arrived 6 days ago.”


Kevin Larson

Denver, CO



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   Thank You so much for Lil Tico he is truly an amazing pup. He is really enjoying himself. You really made the process for adopting him so easy and was so nice staying up as late as you did as we drove from Michigan that night.


   Your kennels we're unbelievable, very clean, puppies and dogs we're so happy when they saw you. While you were showing me my little pup all the others we're right at their door just watching you and so excited to see you. I am definitely going to tell everyone that sees Lil Tico about you and your kennels and point them your way.


  In just a few short hours with him and my medical conditions have greatly improved when him and I are interacting together I am actual able to breathe and speak with little problems. But you can understand me and I go from hoarse to a clear voice, so the doctors were right. “


*Tico Update


   Just thought I would send u an update. He is now officially a service animal has his own little service vest, and goes everywhere with me. He has really taken to going bye bye and is such a sweet pup. He is so attached to me I can't go anywhere with out him. He is really a joy to have around.


Thank you,”


Annmarie Geren

Dowagiac, Michigan


Hats off to Annmarie & friends for driving over 9 hours to adopt her MODOG puppy.



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“We thank you for our precious little addition to our family. Misty is doing great, was very active and loving from the first time we saw her. Cried a few nights at first but is long over that. She loves to give kisses and receives plenty back.


She is doing great with the potty training even though it’s cold and snowy outside. My daughter liked the name Misty so she decided to keep it. Give a thanks to your daughter for the name. She loves to chase after the cat. Really loved and spoiled beyond belief!!!


Again, a sincere thank you for our precious Misty and the care and updates you provided while she was in your care.


God Bless You and Your family,”

M. Uliase Milldale, CT



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We’ve been raising dogs for many years and understand that customer referrals are the fastest and easiest way to research a seller.  When in doubt, be sure to verify the source, as some tricksters right their own reviews. Please contact us to speak with any of our clientele.

Reputable breeders usually have licenses, certificates, awards, inspection reports or other tangible proof of their accomplishments. Click to read what the Kennel Spotlight magazine published regarding our peaceful county kennel, or scroll down to see what clients are saying about MODOG.


Many clients still buy their dog the old fashion way so we can’t post everyone’s emails for you, but with many beloved offspring all over the US, we can easily provide more referrals upon request.


Many more, maybe yours, coming soon!




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