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Air Delivery



Hi from Colorado! I wanted to send an updated picture of Diego. A blue tri colored Chihuahua we bought from you in 2012! He is an AMAZING little character!


Thank you for breeding such great lil pups! ”

Amanda Preman, Colorado









Air Delivery


“Hi Robert!

He is just adorable & we can't thank you enough for him. I cannot tell you how much joy Tucker has already brought us. He seemed a little scared when we first took him out of his crate, but once he took a little nap, he was great! I swear, you'd think he'd lived here all his life!

He & Tyson have been running around, playing like best friends. He seems almost overwhelmed by all the toys we have for him to play with. lol He is using his potty pad already (with extreme praise from us), and is eating & drinking extremely well & is passed out on a blanket beside me on the couch right now taking a nap.

We took Tucker to the Vet today & he said he could not have been more pleased with him. Thank you again for giving him such a great start in life. He is more than we ever hoped he would be. Below is a pic of him in his travel seat on the way back home from the Vet. He was snoozing it up! TinaThank you again for giving him such an amazing start in life & us such a wonderful new addition to our family!”

Tina Potts, Woodbury, TN



Mal Chi

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Hi Robert, Just wanted to say thank you so much! Sheldon has been such a joy to add to our family! He is so full of life and energy and we love him to pieces! Not a day has gone by that Amanda or I haven't looked at him and said,"He's so stinkin' cute!!!!!!" His Morkie sister Penny and him love to play together all of the time. Thank you for making everything go so smoothly and letting us come for a visit. When we add another fur baby to the family, we will definitely be calling you. We will send you updates and pictures as he grows. Take care and thanks again!”


Erik and Amanda Prange, Centralia, MO





Air Delivery


Good morning Robert! The holidays are finally over (whew!) and I have a quiet moment to update you on Kimika. I'm sure you've been wondering how she is doing. The first couple of weeks were pretty exhausting! If you remember, this is my first puppy and I didn't realize how much time and effort it really took. David and I have been truly amazed at how well she has adapted to our home and lifestyle. We had lots of company for Christmas including a couple of dogs, and all went well. Our visitors were amazed at her behavior and calm demeanor at only 3 months of age! Sampson has become quite the puppy trainer and has been a lot of help.


Mika adores him and will follow him anywhere, which comes in handy. He is finally adjusting to the fact that she is here to stay and we are all blending into one very happy family! The housebreaking is going very well and she has already added much joy to our lives. She is growing so fast (she gained 12 lbs in 4 wks!). She will be eye level with Sampson soon!


Thank you so much for providing us with this precious addition to our lives! Rest assured that we will recommend you to anyone looking for a high quality companion.”


Janet Pain, Norfolk, VA





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