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Shih Tzu x 4

(Air Travel)


“Hi Robert,


I just want to give you an update on the 4 bundles of joy we have adopted. The flight from KC went real well. Not a peep out of any of them. The family was very surprised and LOVES them all!!! My niece and nephews can't stop playing and carrying them. I even had them tell me that this was the best gift they have ever received. We are still working on the potty training and today has been a very good day. They are outside every hour and have been on many walks and group chases around the yard. My puppy Finn, has become the leader of the pack and they chase each other all around the house and yard.


Meal time has become quite the event. This weekend we are feeding 8 dogs at a time, so everyone is in charge of a dog and goes off to a different corner for meal time. What a show!


Everything is going great, we kept all the puppies names except for Bingo, he is now called Brody. Also can you email me a copy of their baby photos, I could not down load them off your web site, they are no longer on line.


I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for helping me make this happen.”


~K. Anderson, Scottsdale, AZ





Shih Poo

(Air Travel)


“Hello Robert,

Kelsy got here to New York safe and sound. I loveeeeee her she's amazing and adapting just fine. She fits into my family perfectly. Thank you again for everything. Happy Thanksgiving from me and Lilah (Kelsy's new name).”


~T. Alexander, New York, NY





Mal Shi

(Air Travel)


“Hi Mr. Allen,

Just wanted to let you know Oreo is doing fine and is spoiled rotten as ever. My niece is in love with him.”


~T. Mills, Capital Heights, MD





Shih Tzu



Well thanks again for giving us such a great dog!!!! She gets ALL THE LOVE AND ATTENTION in the house. So don't worry......she's in great hands!!!!

You have a great weekend too!”


~T. Brown, Junction City, KS






Mal Shi

(Customer Pick Up)


Hi, Robert! Just a little note to say A.J. is doing perfect! We just love him so much and he fits our family terrific! He has had all his shots except one (they want to wait another week), weighs 6.8 lbs. and acts like he owns the place. He sleeps with Brooke every night (sometimes on her head, although she doesn't seem to mind) and is perfectly spoiled. He's rarely alone and when
someone forgets about him 'cause he's taking a nap on the couch, he gets up and whines - what a cuddle bum!

He's doing great with potty training too - as soon as he does his "business" he runs to us for a treat. He had a couple of accidents the first few weeks, but nothing recently, so I think he's getting the hang of it. He's just a super addition to our family, and we are glad we found Modog! (BTW, the vet was very impressed with A.J. and especially impressed that you let people visit your kennel)

Thanks again for breeding wonderful dogs for us dog-lovers!”



~L. Tracy, Bridgeton, MO,






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