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Shih Poo

Customer Pick Up



“Hi Robert,


We adopted a shipoo from you last November named Tiana. She has brought so much joy to our lives and we can't imagine our lives without her.


Thank you so much!”


Joe and Joanne Plasters, Troy, IL












Air Delivery




I would highly recommend your puppies to anyone. I bought Roxy (poodle) from you a few years ago and she is a wonder. Please feel free to put me down as a reference on your website.


Thank you!”


Kimberly Eden, Maysville, KY








Shih Tzu

Air Delivery


Hi Robert -- I want to let you know what a great dog she is. Very smart. She's house broken; still very connected to me, although she goes to puppy day care once a week (I think her favorite thing to do) and plays particularly with Roger, the Havenese. The day care gets a great kick out of her. She always gets A+ for behavior. And she is learning many things. heeling, fetching, sitting etc.


People just adore her. She is so outgoing, looks straight into their eyes. This always elicits the words "Aren't you adorable." I think she thinks that is her name. So all is well here. Hope all is well with you.”


Jane Siegel, Arlington, VA









Customer Pick Up


“We are so happy that we got Shamira from you. She is one of the smartest dogs that I have ever been around and we would love for everyone to know what a great job you do. I kid you not by the time she hit 10 weeks old she was potty trained and has not had an accident since. You do a great job man keep it up.


Here is a picture of Shamira. She is doing great. The whole family loves her and we could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you so much for taking pride in what you do and allowing us to have the best dog ever.


Jared Brucker, Gladstone, MO











Shih Poo

Air Delivery



Hi Robert,


I thought we'd send a little update. We've had Ollie for a year now and he is a cherished member of our family. He's super smart and VERY friendly! If we could get him to stop eating things he shouldn't, he would be perfect!!


Thanks again.

Angie Schaefer, Ballwin, MO






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