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(Delivered to Columbia, MO)


It is definitely Chihuahua Heaven. I had no idea what I was missing out on all of these years. Oh my goodness. They are the very best dogs ever! They are so wonderful! They just look at you and you have to smile. They light up my days and add comfort to my nights. I am so blessed to have these little ones.


What I find so adorable is....when I say Chip's name...his little ears perk up and his tail begins to wag. Aw. He knows his name so well. I imagine you and your family called them by name the entire time. You can tell. It is so funny....when I pick him up and "try" to give him kisses, he looks as if he is just tolerating it. lol If it is his idea, then it is okay. Too funny. I love him.


I just finished cleaning kennels and when I went into my living room, there they were...all 3 snuggled in one of the wool beds I have in their playpen. They looked so adorable. Ivory and Champ were actually snoozing inside the bed together and Ebony was right there touching them. They are just wonderful!


Chip is highly intelligent. When I tell him "no" (when he grabbed the pee pad and tried to sling, he looked at me with this look...kind of sad, but understanding and stopped. I haven't seen him do it since.


He is very sensitive. When I took the girls out of playpen before him, he looked at me and looked if to say..."Now that hurt my feelings." Too cute. He is so expressive with his beautiful eyes. He is also very muscular. He is stout. That is a good word to describe him. He is a true husker. Smile.


Have a great week and God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family.


~L. Allen, Troy, IL.


*PS- Same last name, but not related. :)






(Delivered to Cameron, MO)




Thank you for the pictures, we have been busy starting school and spending time with Champ (except we changed his name to Buster). He is doing great, went to the vet the first week, got a shot last week, making progress on potty training!


He is a great dog! I believe you did a great job socializing him because he loves all dogs, people, and children so far. We call him the cutest dog in the world! Thanks again! I would recommend you to anyone!


~J. Morris, Kansas City, MO










Shiya has been with me for 3 busy days now. She certainly keeps me hopping. It is amazing how much these tiny dogs can get into when you turn your back. I'm busy "puppy proofing" some more. I thought I had it licked before I picked her up but she has begun to show me how inadequate a job I did.


She is a love, I can't believe it but she is so confident that she showed no homesickness - even the first night. She sleeps beside me on the bed - all night without a peep. She loves to "ride" with me everywhere I go and I tuck her into my jacket and she cuddles on my lap when I leave the house.


I kept her name except we now pronounce it "Shy-ah" and she comes immediately when her name is called. It didn't take her long to get the difference in pronunciation. My big cat Raja seems to basically ignore her, and that frustrates her as she wants him to play, he is much to dignified to respond to a little white puff ball barking at him.


Well, I have chattered on enough. I can't thank you enough for my darling baby. I am so glad I made the decision to bring her home. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


~D. Rucker, Kansas City, KS




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