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Shih Poo X2

Air Delivery


“Hi Robert,


My name is Jeri Ross and a bought a shihpoo from you almost 2 years ago. Jack was born 1-18-10. I also ended up with another puppy (Jerry) who we found a wonderful home for.


I thought maybe you would enjoy an update picture now that he is turning two years old. He is definitely a once in a lifetime dog. He is very eager to please, well mannered and very snugly.


Thank you again for providing us this special boy. Your newest litters are adorable! That little Dobber tugs at my heart. He sounds a lot like our Jack. Is three too many? :)

Best to you and your family, Jeri”


Jeri Ross, Oak Harbor, WA











Shih Poo

Met Halfway


“Hi Robert, I just wanted you to know that Max has settled in to his new home with the Kellys like a champ. He is 90% on the puppy pads and goes outdoors each time we take him out of his kennel. He is happy and perky. He plays with his toys and races around our island chasing a ball. He also continues to be a cuddler. I took him to our Vet today and he was pronounced extremely healthy and weighed in at a whopping 4#15oz. You did a great job with him. Thank you so much for our newest member of the Kelly family, Max!”


Cindy and Doug Kelly, St. Louis, MO









Met Halfway




I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for Macee! First I cannot say enough good things about the excellent customer service that you offered to us in purchasing this puppy. You met us at a half way point to meet her when she was 6 weeks old and then you again met us out of your way so that we could pick her up on Christmas Eve to surprise our daughter. And as if that was not enough, I think that you must have already potty trained this little gal before we got her and I know you worked on separating from her Mom, because it shows!


Since the first night she came home, Macee has slept in her kennel all night, not whining and only barking once in the middle of the night to be let out to potty, and then back to sleep she goes. And in five days she has only had accidents potty accidents less than a handful of times. Adorable, fantastic personality and extremely well adjusted describe this dog. I can honestly say in the 3 dogs we have purchased over the last 15 years, this dog has been the best experience by far!


Please feel free to share my testimony or have potential owners contact me for a reference!


Happy New Year!”


Melissa Sims, Lee Summit, MO







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