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Shih Poo

Air Delivery


Hi Robert,


It has been just a few days since the one year anniversary when we picked up Kirby, our Shitzu Poodle, from Newark Airport on Thanksgiving eve in 2010.


Seeing your note reminds me that I wanted to share with you what a joy he has been as an addition to our family. I never had a dog before in my life and never really wanted one until last year and now I ask myself all the time, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” My only answer is, I was waiting for Kirby!


Kirby is the most adorable and loveable dog, my husband and two children feel the same way as well as anyone else that encounters him.

We are truly thankful for the gift you have given our family. Happy Holidays.”


Jayne Gonzalez, Washington, NJ









Air Delivery


“Dear Robert I was writing you to tell you what a joy its been having our New puppy. We named him Rusty and his old name was kiko. Rusty instantly grabbed our hearts. He has become very protective over my 8 and 3 year old daughters. Every night he sleeps at the foot of their bed on guard for any would be attackers. Those guys are inseparable. The other day the gas man came into the house unexpectedly and Rusty was quick to let the poor guy know that strangers were not allowed uninvited.


He is going on five months old and I could not be any prouder than I am now. He is my daughter's guardian Angel. What a blessing, thank you Robert for all you have done.”


Andrew Horton, League City, TX








Air Delivery


“I just thought I would shoot you an email and let you know that Savannah is a great addition to our family she loves everyone and you should see her play with my mother in law's golden retriever! She is so happy and so are we, thank you so much Robert for such a great dog! She is more adorable in person than I could have ever imagined and Mac likes her too! She is such a sweetheart, I couldn't have asked for a better dog! Thank you so much!


Mac & Molly Hawker, Lynnwood, WA






Shih Poo

Met Halfway



After celebrating Izzy's (Kylie) first birthday today,just thought I'd drop you a quick note letting you know we are so thrilled to have her in our family! She is the sweetest, funniest,most loveavble little dog. She makes us laugh every day. She has also gotten our other little dog to be more playful.


The shihpoo is a very neat breed. We just love her so much and truly enjoy having her around! Thanks again for such a great pup!”


Kim Ferguson, Wildwood, MO





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Met Part Way!




These are pics of santana at his first motel stay with his new mommy and daddy!!!! He only had one accident on the floor but was my fault i asked him if he wanted to go outside and he got excited but then i was to slow ,after that he never had another one.


He had to sleep with us in the big bed ,dave took him out at 12am and then he slept through the nite! We are so very happy to have him in our lives !!! Thank you again robert!”


David and Lisa Green, Sioux Falls, SD




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