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Selecting the appropriate breed is often more important than choosing which puppy. It’s always best to refer to the AKC to obtain a general idea of the breeds structure, temperament and care requirements before selecting your breed. Please click out our exclusive MODOG breed profiles located under the “Puppies” tab on the main menu bar above.


Secondly, you should try to speak with someone that actually owns the breed as a pet rather than just the folks trying to sell you one. Also keep in mind, how they were initially cared for and later conditioned as a puppy, greatly determines how they look and behave now.


Select a breed that fits your lifestyle, budget, schedule and skills.






Don’t pay too much extra for AKC. They are great but some folks get tricked into thinking AKC means better quality and willingly pay more based on that fact alone. Others just like to proudly say, “Yep, he’s an AKC purebred”. Fact is, many professional pet producers and experienced pet owners support smaller registries too. We support other registries sometimes just for their convenience, speed and price.


AKC is America’s original registry so nearly all registered dogs living in America are AKC transferable. If you want your bragging rights or plan to compete professionally just call or go online and have the AKC research your dog’s ancestry. Transfers are simple, but not free. Our current registries include: AKC, APRI and UAB.


If not showing or competing with your dog, consider using other registries.







Studies show and I will attest, that the order of birth often dictates the qualities and physical attributes a puppy will inherit. The closer to the middle of the litter like number 3 of a litter of 5, the better. These pups typically develop and learn faster than the others and seldom inherit any physical defects. If the breeder doesn’t know the order of birth, I might question their integrity.


If you are looking for a more focused or “one person” type pet, choose the first born. These puppies are often the choice of professional dog trainers and handlers. If you want a more outgoing frisky pet, choose the runt. Be careful making your selection based on appearance or a single visit. Photos can be enhanced and puppies energy levels and attention spans fluctuate drastically at a young age.


Use the order of birth theory to spot a responsible breeder and select a better puppy.





Have you ever seen a nice puppy less than 8 weeks old listed really cheap? Not likely. At least not from an experienced source. It’s no secret that federal law requires puppies to be at least 8 weeks of age before transporting or releasing them to their new owner(s). Some sellers will post young puppies with outrageous prices fishing for an eager buyer. Once a puppy is actually available (8 to 12 weeks) the true asking price will usually appear. Note: By waiting you may forfeit pick of the litter. Our price policy is around $100 over asking price until 8 weeks of age. We begin reducing our price weekly after 12 weeks.


At around 12 weeks of age the puppy begins to mature rapidly and a forever home is in dire need. Beware of purchasing price reduced pups much older than 12 weeks. If they are not continuously receiving the love and conditioning needed at this stage they may become introverted, depressed or aggressive. Please note, in the right hands an older puppy or adult dog could mean less training and transition time for the buyer.


Save money by purchase puppies between 8 and 12 weeks of age.





Look out, I may use the “K” word. Ten years ago I thought I was learned “home/hobby” breeder, with no need for a kennel, license or further training. I can assure you first hand, many folks selling their beloved pet’s offspring while proudly waving the “Home Raised Puppy” flag have good intentions, but are amateurs at best.


We believe that if you do not have a nice facility and are not being inspected, regulated and informed on a regular basis, you are not breeding responsibly. We recommend experienced, licensed breeders, preferably with children, that combine “home raised” techniques with state of the art facilities, operating within state and federal guidelines.


Based on my experience, one highly trained full time breeder can adequately care for no more than twenty five adult dogs. My first three adoption questions are pat. What’s your license number(s)? How many dogs do you care for? What is your day job?


Avoid scams and amateurs by searching for small licensed breeders.



















Welcome. We were a far cry from being savvy shoppers ten years ago and we remember well what many of you are experiencing right now. Finding the perfect puppy and price is a challenge online and nearly impossible at a pet store. In effort to even the odds we are happy to share the following puppy shopping tips. You know what you want, so don’t settle for less or pay too much. Perhaps these tips will light your path to the perfect forever friend.


































Customer referrals are possibly the fastest and easiest way to research a seller.Make sure the testimonies you’re reading are real by verifying the source, as some tricksters write their own. Reputable breeders usually have licenses, certificates, awards, inspection reports or other tangible proof of their accomplishments. See below to read what the Kennel Spotlight magazine published regarding MODOG’s peaceful county kennel.



The Kennel Spotlight Magazine

December, 2009 Issue


“Somewhere between the big commercial pet producer and the numerous home and hobby breeders, you’ll find a handful of breeders like Mo Dog Kennels, aka MODOG. Robert Allen of Rothville, Missouri is a stay at home dad and a full time breeder. With only twenty some dogs and a clean licensed facility, this is exactly the kind of breeder many responsible shoppers are looking for. Easing their worries of getting scammed or receiving a sick puppy from a novice, but yet not having to settle for a healthy purebred that has not been socialized with children, pets and so on.”   

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