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Satisfaction Guaranteed


We aim to please. The long term welfare of our puppies, and your complete satisfaction, are what matter most to MODOG.


Intended for first time dog owners, but available to all, we honor a 24 hour satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back, beginning the moment you receive your puppy. If your puppy does not meet or exceed your expectations, or you find yourself unable to provide the care required, carefully return our loved one to us with all the paperwork and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. We’ll gladly help with the return procedures, but buyers are responsible for any shipping and handling fees.


PS -We have never had a puppy returned and are aware of only one hereditary related illness since 1995. We gave that family a new puppy and it is alive and well today.   


Health Guarantee



Our goal is to consistently produce happy, healthy, purebred and designer puppies. In effort to provide some tangible assurance of our efforts, we offer the following small animal health guarantee. Between the lines of this standard agreement, our promise remains sincere. We solemnly swear your puppy comes from a  healthy purebred lineage, has been extremely well cared for, and was health verified by one of Missouri’s finest veterinarians.


Please abide by all stipulations as described below, and provide receipts and accurate documentation starting now. To activate this agreement simply sign, date and keep the contract received with your puppies' paperwork.




Robert Allen of Mo Dog Kennels issues you the following (2) year health guarantee with the purchase of your puppy, beginning on the date acquired. This being for infectious diseases such as: Parvo, Distimper, etc. I sell no sick or injured puppies so there will be no replacement for such diagnosis. Mo Dog also issues you a (2) year hereditary defect guarantee beginning on the purchase date. This being for congenital defects such as: Heart, Lungs, Liver, Hip Displasia, etc. I require that your puppy be diagnosed by two reputable veterinary hospitals before replacement of a new puppy is issued.






           Royal Canin, Science Diet, Iams, Pedigree (and others upon written request)


Mo Dog recommends full feed (all they want) for large breed puppies, and 4 small meals per day for small breeds, up to 9 months of age. We also recommend adult dogs be de-wormed every six months, and after whelping. Vaccinations, heartworm prevention and general maintenance should be maintained as recommended by an experienced veterinarian.


Buyer must take their puppy, and the “record of disposition”, to a licensed veterinarian within (10) days of purchase, to set up a vaccination and de-worming schedule suitable for their puppies new lifestyle.  



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