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This fearless and playful breed is believed to be over 2000 years old. For centuries they only adorned the castles of royalty and the mansions of the wealthiest of citizens. Your friends will be sooo jealous. It’s a lot of work maintaining a full show coat and most of us don’t have servants hanging around the castle but we don’t have to tell them that part.


Maltese love trust and respect their owners unconditionally. They also expect the finer things in life and may be offended if you fail to play with, primp or pamper them adequately. They are possibly the happiest, most playful and fearless little breed I’ve ever encountered, but they can be quite destructive or finicky as well.


A Maltese can be the greatest pet in the world or a yapping little ankle biter in the wrong hands. They are seldom aggressive but most have a very piercing bark and are often leery of strangers. With an amazingly strong bite those sharp teeth can penetrate nearly anything. You’ll need some training skills and plenty of durable safe things like nyla-bones and chew-ropes to pacify their never ending need to play and chew.


With a puppy cut (coat trimmed short), good chew program and skilled socialization this breed is a beautiful blast of white fun for nearly any family or individual. With a lot more dedication to grooming they are one of the most gorgeous small breeds in the world.


Due to their fragility and aggressive playfulness we heed you caution when running and romping especially with small children or other pets. Please refer to the AKC for the official Maltese breed standards.





Origin: Malta

Group: Companion

Height: 5 to 8 inches

Weight: 4 to 7 pounds

Activity Level: Low





Selecting the appropriate breed is often more important than choosing which puppy. It’s always best to refer to the AKC to obtain a general idea of the breeds structure, temperament and care requirements before selecting your breed. We also have some very reliable “pick of the litter” methods on our shopping tips page.


Secondly, you should try to speak with someone that actually owns the breed as a pet, rather than just the folks trying to sell you one. Also keep in mind, how they were initially cared for and later trained greatly determines how they look and behave now.  


MODOG breed descriptions are based solely on our personal interpretation of, and experience with, these particular breeds. These are not official standards and may or may not accurately reflect the general characteristics of each breed.

























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