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Consistently create happy, healthy, socialized puppies in a responsible loving manner.
Our Goal
Place each puppy in a safe, loving forever home with responsible caring owners.
Our Mission

Greetings, my name is Robert Allen. I’m a 44 year old husband and father of two wonderful children. My lovely wife Jeanne, 12 year old daughter Trinity and 5 year old son Isaac love raising puppies!


Among many things, I’m a former customer service adviser for a publishing company (Herff Jones), and I hope my friendly professional service is a pleasant surprise when you inquire about a MODOG puppy.


My family, dogs and clients (and now a website;) keep me very busy. I absolutely love what I do and hope my passion and dedication will help all our puppies to be everything our clients had wished for and more.


We strive to be responsible breeders and have over fifteen years combined experience in raising, training, breeding, and selling purebred and designer puppies. We started with Rottweilers in the early 90’s and have raised a number of breeds since.We represent



























a variety of breeds now to increase customer selection and potential for appropriate placement. Of course having five of our favorite breeds as pets is a pretty cool perk too.


We faithfully provide our pets with fresh clean water, high quality feed, daily exercise, mental stimulation, affection and outstanding general health care. Our seasoned veterinarian, Dr. Harland Sprouse, of Brookfield Vet Clinic is one of the most respected small animal doctors in Missouri. Feel free to call Dr. Sprouse to confirm our dedication to outstanding animal healthcare at 660.258.3308.


Spending countless hours cleaning, grooming and socializing is a must for maintaining happy, healthy dogs and puppies. We use the highest quality products and safest proven methods available to common consumers. Our puppies have heard how loud a real hairdryer is and have bathed in common sinks and standard bathtub. We’re also dedicated to keeping our exercise and play yard clean and safe enough for a puppy to run, explore and become familiar with the great outdoors.  


Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us. Please research all breeders and sellers before purchasing a puppy to avoid indirectly supporting animal cruelty. We welcome your emails, phone calls and scheduled visits, so please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the search for your next best friend.



























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